Samsung HMD Odyssey+: Full Feature Tour

23 час назад

A mind-bending escape into the future. Play interdimensional games distraction-free with the new HMD Odyssey+, where Mixed Reality meets the extreme.

Samsung Notebook Flash: The Story Behind the Design

1 дн назад

Indulge in soothing sounds as we glide through the brilliant designs envisioned for the new #NotebookFlash. Discover how they take flight to create the uniquely ...

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin: Full Feature Tour

7 дн назад

The new #Notebook7Spin doesn't cut corners when it comes to safety and security. Encased in strong aluminum, it features a built-in webcam eyelid and secure ...

Galaxy Note9: S Pen for Group Photos

7 дн назад

The #GalaxyNote9's S Pen with remote control can capture group photos at a distance with total freedom. Learn more: http://smsng.co/N9Spen_ly.

Galaxy Note9: S Pen for Scenic Wefies

7 дн назад

The #GalaxyNote9's S Pen with remote control can get all your friends plus full scenic views in your wefies without a struggle. Learn more: ...

Samsung Chromebook Plus: Introducing the new LTE version

2 нед назад

Your next chapter of seamless connectivity begins with the new Chromebook Plus (LTE). Always be connected wherever you go with its built-in LTE compatibility ...

A Galaxy Event: Highlights

2 нед назад

Watch highlights from the moment the new additions to the Galaxy A Series were introduced to the world. Learn more: http://smsng.co/GalaxyA9_y #GalaxyA9 ...

A Galaxy Event: Full Replay

2 нед назад

Watch as the newest additions to the Galaxy A Series were introduced to the world. Learn more: http://smsng.co/GalaxyA9_y #GalaxyA9 #GalaxyA7 #DJKoh ...

Galaxy A9 Official TVC: 4x fun with the world's first quad camera

2 нед назад

Meet the all-new #GalaxyA9. Four innovative camera lenses, packed into one incredible phone. Ultra Wide, Telephoto, Depth and 24MP main lenses deliver ...

Galaxy A7 Official TVC: Your world widened

2 нед назад

Our first triple camera smartphone, the #GalaxyA7 comes with an Ultra Wide angle lens. It can see as wide as the human eye, and gives you a 120-degree field ...

Samsung Premium UHD TV : 2018 NU8000 4K UHD HDR TV

2 нед назад

Samsung 2018 NU8000 Premium UHD TV series offers a wide range of brightness levels and rich colors which gives you an optimum HDR viewing experience.

Galaxy J6+ Official TVC: More than you expected

2 нед назад

With the perfect balance of style and function, have more fun with the Samsung #GalaxyJ6 Plus. It's more than you expected. Learn more: ...

Samsung FHD TV : 2018 N5000 FHD TV

3 нед назад

Enjoy full HD to the fullest Clean View reduces noise and interference, while enhancing colour and contrast for the crystal clear view. Wide Colour Enhancer ...

Galaxy Note9: Fortnite Supply Drop

3 нед назад

Samsung sent supply drops to the biggest Fortnite fans in the world so they could see just how powerful the new #GalaxyNote9 is. Learn more: ...

Samsung UHD TV : 2018 NU7100 4K UHD HDR TV

3 нед назад

Samsung 2018 NU7100 UHD TV series offers real 4K UHD viewing experience with better clarity and detailed color experience. Your TV has a modern and ...

Samsung QLED TV : 2018 QLED TV Award & Review

3 нед назад

Introducing QLED TV's superiority by bringing together 6 media reviews of Q9 and CES awards. Trusted Reviews ...

Samsung QuickDrive™ : From Lab to Life

3 нед назад

Every one of our washing machines goes through more than 150 tests. And we bring these tests “from lab to life” to prove our obsession for high quality, faultless ...

Samsung NGSFF (NF1) SSD : Reach New Heights with Hyper-Scalable Datacenters

4 нед назад

Samsung's NF1 SSD, known as NGSFF (New Generation Small Form Factor) SSD, is optimized to meet the most demanding data-intensive analytics and ...

Samsung QuickDrive™ : The Completion of Laundry

4 нед назад

What do our customers think of QuickDrive™? “It reduces my laundry time and the clothes come out even cleaner. And it is super quiet. It has totally changed my ...

Galaxy Note9: Accolades

1 мес назад

There's power in words, and the experts have spoken. The new super powerful Note. #GalaxyNote9 Learn more: http://smsng.co/N9_may.

Samsung Harman Kardon Brand Manifesto : Perfect sound. Perfect reality.

1 мес назад

Samsung's innovation meets Harman Kardon's audio excellence. The two companies are pushing the boundaries to bring the ultimate sound to your home.